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ID 67168

Phil Sturgeon

Founder of @pyrocms. Englishman in New York. Public Speaker, PHP Town Crier, Charity Biker.

ID 189926

Edward Relf


Award Winning Digital Entrepreneur, Executive, Digital Marketer & Active Investor. Find out more at

ID 86008

Sebastien Powell

I specialise in web and user interface design, user experience and branding. I'm currently working as the lead designer for Adbrain.

ID 181467

Nick Sturge


ID 29854

Jim Morrison

Founder of @twidaq & Achieve Awesome, owner of @deep-blue-sky Digital.

ID 23909

Katy Turner

Investor in @huddle, @zemanta, @acunu, @truphone, @voicevault, @doccom, @brightpearl, @newvoicemedia.

ID 167152

Doug Scott


Investor and Advisor Founder of many internet companies,, 20 angel investments in 24 months

ID 323707

Simon Metson

ID 67032

Martin Grenfell

Team member of @playmob.

ID 103892

Tom Savage

Founder PeopleGraph (500 Startups) & 2 prev. Social Entrepreneur of the Year & UK Prime Minister's 'Everyday Hero'. 2x scholarships Business @oxford-university

ID 258791

Dotun Olowoporoku

Founder @meals-3. Academic turned entrepreneur. Strong business background. 1st start-up out of university. PhD in Environmental Management, 2010.

ID 554054

Dave Barton

Creative Copywriter with start-up savvy. Seduced by novelty. Nourished by variety. Sustained by irony.

ID 403460

John Stafford


IT Services Executive at Raytheon; Former Naval Submarine Officer; Founder at Task Force Web, US Navy's .com play

ID 7974

Steve Schofield

3rd Startup lucky. Business education. Strong global sales, consultancy and project management experience. Frustrated designer and improving coder. Outdoor Nut.

ID 242978

Elliot Jay Stocks

Designer, speaker, author. Founder of typography magazine @8faces. Co-founder of @viewportind. Married to @samkabam. Father of @black_labbath.

ID 2231

Mark Panay

Founded two successful service businesses. Strong product development and digital marketing.

ID 244941

Kiran Panesar

Co-founder, CTO at @mobilex-labs – The best platform for building native mobile apps without any coding. Studied Computer Science at @cardiff-university.

ID 181853

Jonathan May

I make stuff happen • CEO of @hubbub-2 Worked at @xmos, @broadcom • Studied at @university-of-cambridge Team GB Foosballer

ID 79413

Jonathan Heaton

Entrepreneurial developer with international experience spanning Finance, Media and Ecommerce. Strong startup experience.

ID 126440

Felipe Ávila da Costa

Software Engineer + MBA by Education; Manager @uptec by Profession; Entrepreneur by Heart. Start, Iterate and Grow!

ID 418969

Samuel Okoro

founder @sadcheese, 3 online companies out of high school. Strong UI Design & Front-end Engineering background, founder & host

ID 697254

Mark Lee


Product Management executive in London with experience leading teams in building world class technology products with eBay, Visa, Betfair, and OVO.

ID 641495

Danny Vaughton

Co-founder of Washbox; Programming since age 9; startups since age 16; Business graduate (BA HONS) 2012; Worked at Aptenex & Cellar Trends.

ID 484735

Stephen Honight

INSEAD. Ex-Investment Banking professional. Outdoor Leisure sector growth expert and one time angel investor.

ID 641580

Sam Vaughton

Studying computer security at UWE. Heavily interested in cryptocurrency. Proficient in software development, particularly web and mobile development.

ID 199391

Matt Connolly

2004 founded Enable, grew to become UK's #1 Digital Agency. 2012 founded myLovelyParent, social startup encouraging older people online dating.

ID 636237

Neil Davies

Head of Android Development. Worked at @triggertrap Worked at @connect IB Worked at @sea Worked at @lucent-technologies

ID 25647

Alex Stansfield

Founder of @resedu. Idea-wrangler. Occasional pixel-herder. A dreamer, mostly.

ID 885251

Richard Dennys

ID 641565

James Parker


Founder Washbox • Worked at @full-tilt-marketing • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 662219

Nick Peacock

Community and business development manager, passion for monetisation & user acquisition strategy, young and driven

ID 229078

Hue Painter

Co-founder and COO of unrival. Strategic operations, Large scale website redevelopments. Previously managed communications at Lloyds Bank.

ID 741099

Timothy Halford

I am a recent University of Bristol Computer Science Graduate and Self Employed Full Stack Developer looking to join a small innovative tech company.

ID 101960

Dave Edwards

CEO/CTO at @somnium-technologies

ID 106984

Philip Manavopoulos

Founder • Worked at @nudge-digital, @loccit • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 38194

Allan Brewer


BSc PhD Computational Biochemistry. Partner in 2 successful startup companies - software products. Experienced in IT, Financial and Estate management.

ID 114838

Iain Evans

COO of Living Lab at @ubc. Experience as CTO and VC in tech sectors. PhD Cantab.

ID 181866

Sophia Duffy


Senior designer and front-end developer @hubbub-2. Worked at @alison, @national-university-of-ireland-galway • Studied at @university-of-limerick

ID 636240

Ross Gibson

Worked at @triggertrap, @future-publishing • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 88967

Maxwell Painter

Founder and CEO of, Former Digital Insight Manager at Lloyds Bank, 2nd Enterprise Startup, MSc Public Relations, coder - built ikle platform.

ID 293091

Matt Bessey

Freelance full stack web developer, with CS background. Ruby / Rails specialist. Love coding, and talking.

ID 391394

Adam Place

Founder nu desine Tenacity • Integrity • Vision

ID 118236

Richard Cambridge Harbutt

End to end developer (14yr) Prod $1m feature film, Active BAFTA member. Previously CTO UK leading museum video company (10yr) & Consultant leading UK University

ID 604485

Brian Liu

Worked at @yahoo, @trend-micro • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 636242

Scott Mellors

Worked at @triggertrap • Studied at @university-of-teesside

ID 123168

Mat Evans

Founder @find-your-perfect-venue, @chaletspace • Worked at @future-publishing, @coull-ltd • Studied at @university-of-bath

ID 636244

Valentin Kalchev

Junior Mobile Developer at @triggertrap. Graduate from UWE Bristol.

ID 507714

James Price

Founder vumbl • MPhil, MEng (1st Class Hons) @exeter-university University • 5+ years in Mechanical Design Engineering @Reinshaw • Designed @flytecam

ID 872092

Panagiotis Naio Tsarouchis

Raised in an art-friendly environment (painting, photography, design, music, etc). Studied Computer Science for a perfect balance between art, design and logic.

ID 652918

Eliott Stephen

Founder at Campaignr, Liberal Democrat Activist, Developer, Computer Science student at @OpenUniversity, Community Vanguard at @PlanetaryResources.

ID 872079

Paul Archer

Paul is a double World Record breaking adventurer and the founder of the Daredevil Project, a startup that developed Duel, a competitive photo sharing platform.

ID 790314

Patrick Zhang

Research engineer at Toshiba research Europe,strong indoor positioning background (two years).Good modelling, simulation, hands on and programming experiences.

ID 547230

Megha Agarwal

Studied MSc in Advanced Computing-Machine Learning, Data mining & HPC at @university-of-bristol Interested in ML, HPC and software development

ID 50634

Ben Howes

Founder of Zoetrope imaging

ID 636239

Rich Harley

Photography Champion at @triggertrap • Studied Digital Photography at @london-south-bank-university

ID 109541

Kat Zien

Full-stack developer at Brightpearl. Speaks PHP, Java, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS. Fan of unit testing & agile. Dealt with APIs, performance optimisation & legacy code.

ID 455344

Claudiu-Octavian Soare

[email protected], [email protected], previous Co-Founder, Computer Vision research intern @bristol, [email protected] Societe Generale.

ID 442818

Carl Thomas

Founding director @audiowings - All of your favourite music. Anywhere you are. All on your smart headphones. 7+ years commercial experience in the telecommunications sector.

ID 108122

Sam Downie

CEO at Dsoundz Media. Broadcaster, Actor, Co-Host (TV/Radio Anchor), Musician, Journalist. Has #epilepsy / Worked at Apple, BBC, ITV Studios, CBS, Wikipedia etc

ID 442365

Catalin Ionel Ionescu

Founded @blissity Worked at @LSRS, @voxster • Studying at @university-of-bristol

ID 80095

Tom Marvin

Operations and Content at and

ID 480964

Giles Lavelle

Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 243763

Thomas Didiot-Cook

ID 472867

Jonathan Wingrove

Founder @hoobulu • Worked at @beambox-distribution-1 • Studied at @the-university-of-the-west-of-england

ID 223483

Mark Davies

An established digital and marketing professional with experience in developing and executing successful marketing, e-commerce and business projects and strategies (Start Up, SME and Large Corporate)

ID 791770

Reece Lucas

Junior front end developer, proficient in the modern web stack, background in UX design. Always happy to play around with new languages and technologies.

ID 168886

Matt Kane

Mobile and web app developer with over 13 years experience. Founded first startup at age 20 and closed first seed round at 21.

ID 729397

Thomas Carr

Law Degree (LLB) but switch to business development. Worked in social enterprise as a consultant for start-ups in Kenya to aid them in securing investment.

ID 558101

Oliver Gillespie

All-round tech nerd with strong mathematics background and programming chops

ID 316328

Tom Adam

Director of Instantiate, an exceptional web development company focusing on cutting edge technology. Involved with a number of startups, notably @fine-puzzles.

ID 172859

Nicholas Ponniah

A highly experienced and passionate Sales and Business development professional.

ID 657235

Mark Mikkelson

ID 521681

Mark Oakley

Former GM, Product Manager and Marketing Manager at Zipcar from startup to IPO.  Marketing/Operations expertise with lifestyle, web/mobile high growth busineses

ID 572944

Liam Turner

1st Grade Film Technology Student, specialise in lighting and camera operating. Talented editor, great photographer and professional standard in Photoshop.

ID 458174

Romy Roynard

Div'Up Co-Founder and Marketing Director // Media Analyst specialised in transmedia communication and new technologies.

ID 77593

Alex Narracott

Background in travel business development, marketing and tour operating. Nottingham University 2:1. Skier, climber, wannabe explorer.

ID 453030

Ross Curzon-Butler

Worked with worked class clients such as MasterCard, Toshiba, Microsoft, Nikon, TomTom to deliver online campaigns for brand.

ID 840706

Noe Bhandari

Masters in Aerospace Engineer from the University of Bristol. Built a Bamboo Bike and a Flying Human Powered Aircraft.

ID 849534

Colin Montgomerie

1st Class degree with Honours in Electronic Engineering from The University of Southampton. RTL Engineer at Broadcom. Founder of Playlistful.

ID 550048

Daniel Morgan

Digital marketing expert currently residing in Shanghai. Looking for programmers to collaborate with on a new web application within the online training space.

ID 556822

Jonathan Devine

Software Developer (Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js)

ID 374850

Matt Schmitz

"Jack of All Trades" Software Engineer rapid prototyping solutions for ESPN; Develop in a wide variety of languages/frameworks as an Innovative Problem Solver.

ID 204791

Tom Hallam

Front and backend developer, api crafter, keen eye for usability and understanding how people use things.

ID 321293

Mike Elsmore

Full stack engineer, love working with data and new ideas. Ran a software conference and hackathon.

ID 727452

Troy Abraham

ID 422321

Matthew Power

Founder @lovecars • Worked at @jpmorgan-chase • Studied at @bournemouth-university

ID 778067

Cami Dobrin

Illustrator, Graphic artist - for Content Marketing & Social Media Presentations, Web and Print.

ID 394762

Richard de Lancey

Founder nu desine Design • Manufacturing • Business

ID 880311

Tim Edwards

ID 369671

David Smee

Marketing Director at ReTrack. Strong technology product and marketing management background. Formed own company KICK:SUM to make start-ups succeed.

ID 261340

Paul Woodman

Founder of @lovecars. Experienced Director within the technology sector

ID 80255


tech. web. mobile. footy. startups.

ID 662676

Etete Eneobong

Founder The Society • Worked at TOCCiC • @appco-group • Studied at @aberystwyth-university

ID 458178

Quentin Lechemia

CEO & founder of MyBandMarket & Div'Up // Digital-Music Columnist for LaTribune, PresseCitron // Destronics member // Serial Entrepreneur // Passionate Coder

ID 544863

Richard D J Palmer

Simplicity-loving designer with a knack for all things digital. Father to an absolute nutcase and quite the pedant.

ID 672595

Thomas Wainwight

International Business graduate from Loughborough. Looking for a marketing / product management opportunity.

ID 482797

Mike James

Creating Web Apps for fun and for a living! Developer at TrueClarity.

ID 680552

Tom Metcalfe

Co-Founder at Rain Cloud. Designer and producer, specialising in R&D, product and experience design.

ID 367264

Tom Dallimore

Enthusiastic Front-end and RoR web developer. Specialising in User Experience/Interface design. Passion for coding and startups.

ID 595138

Mark James

Stupefyingly irreverent design & UX lead for dubizzle UAE, entrepreneur, tent setter-upper, founder of @wepul & @intentsgp & lover of non sequiter light potato

ID 668627

Lauren Browning

ID 878609

John-Paul Wilkins

ID 710798

Alex West

ID 882791

Kevin Allen

My joy is creating technology. I lead software development teams in engineering from concepts to products. My approach is to be agnostic to technology.

ID 702836

Silviu Simeria

ID 766352

Stuart Eggleston

Over 15 years Web experience. Over 12 years UX and Product Design experience. Can design full UX, brainstorm ideas, build prototypes even code front end.

ID 774732

Simon wilson

ID 754895

Stuart Thompson

I am a seasoned business manager delivering market leading integrated communication solutions to the private, public and third sectors for more than 16 years.

ID 555971


Brand Ambassador for @PROPERCORN. Dog of Grantham Lodge.

ID 767831

Jack James Walker

ID 648661

Jeremy Wastall

Natural business developer, relationship builder and strategic thinker with a hunger to learn and deliver. Passionate about start ups and making a difference.

ID 700094

Francesca Davis

ID 743535

Mark Rich, AMBCS, MA, BA (Hons)

Two arms, two legs and a head on top; 900 years old, Europhile, Photographer, 6Music lover, Vegetarian, Orthodox, Silly and Immortal (one of these is a lie) :-)

ID 577474

Paul Pivcevic


organisational consultant and social entrpreneur interested in innovations in nutrition, health and clean energy based in systemic thinking

ID 561569

Ed Schmults


CEO at Wild Things - Mass Customized outdoor apparel; CEO at FAO Schwarz; COO of RedEnvelope; President of Moonstone Mountain Equipment, COO of Patagonia

ID 488508

Peter Cain

Organisation and Process for Technology Businesses

ID 601747

Swetha Moravaneni

ID 601717

Duncan Arthur

ID 75741

Joss Webber

I'm an undergraduate studying Digital Art & Technology. Looking for industrial placement to use my expertise in digital media, computer science and technology.

ID 387862

Fab Ien Millerand

French developer, entrepreneur. I have been freelancing for 4 years and developed my own PHP framework. I have my own start up ( since 2012

ID 834844

Abi Bansal

Creative Marketing Professional with a flair for unique, result driven content, great people skills and a passion to make things happen.

ID 349854

Donald A. Coutu

ID 315466

Leah Sale

Business Development Manager @ ISL focussing on the growth & development of start-ups in the UK.

ID 339690

Ross McLachlan

ID 477968

Jonathan Holloway

ID 262139

Peter Lockett


Founder of a number of small business. Looking for additional opportunities to add value.

ID 420019

Simon Hayden


ID 412238

Dave Barker

Generalist developer (JS / Ruby / Python / Clojure / PHP)

ID 124181


Good experience of sales and marking of IT Hardware and Software markets in the UK.

ID 818805

Sigy Pearce

ID 817515

Joey P

Official MBA student, Aspiring Entrepreneur

ID 145589

Carlton Jefferis

ID 323695

Daniel Pidcock

I have just finished launching BeepTreat, a mobile start-up and am looking for a new opportunity

ID 246790

Ben Cartwright Cox

Known online as Benjojo Fixing things one op-code at a time.

ID 248460

Kayleigh Burn

Worked at @isl-incite-solutions

ID 265975

Gibb Brownlie


Co-Founded Brownlie/Lamar Design 25+ yrs, founded 2013

ID 455398

Reece Lucas

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