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ID 316328

Tom Adam

Director of Instantiate, an exceptional web development company focusing on cutting edge technology. Involved with a number of startups, notably @fine-puzzles.

ID 641580

Sam Vaughton

Studying computer security at UWE. Heavily interested in cryptocurrency. Proficient in software development, particularly web and mobile development.

ID 849534

Colin Montgomerie

1st Class degree with Honours in Electronic Engineering from The University of Southampton. RTL Engineer at Broadcom. Founder of Playlistful.

ID 109541

Kat Zien

Full-stack developer at Brightpearl. Speaks PHP, Java, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS. Fan of unit testing & agile. Dealt with APIs, performance optimisation & legacy code.

ID 204791

Tom Hallam

Front and backend developer, api crafter, keen eye for usability and understanding how people use things.

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