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ID 67032

Martin Grenfell

Team member of @playmob.

ID 244941

Kiran Panesar

Co-founder, CTO at @mobilex-labs – The best platform for building native mobile apps without any coding. Studied Computer Science at @cardiff-university.

ID 79413

Jonathan Heaton

Entrepreneurial developer with international experience spanning Finance, Media and Ecommerce. Strong startup experience.

ID 323707

Simon Metson

ID 741099

Timothy Halford

I am a recent University of Bristol Computer Science Graduate and Self Employed Full Stack Developer looking to join a small innovative tech company.

ID 547230

Megha Agarwal

Studied MSc in Advanced Computing-Machine Learning, Data mining & HPC at @university-of-bristol Interested in ML, HPC and software development

ID 101960

Dave Edwards

CEO/CTO at @somnium-technologies

ID 123168

Mat Evans

Founder @find-your-perfect-venue, @chaletspace • Worked at @future-publishing, @coull-ltd • Studied at @university-of-bath

ID 67168

Phil Sturgeon

Founder of @pyrocms. Englishman in New York. Public Speaker, PHP Town Crier, Charity Biker.

ID 442365

Catalin Ionel Ionescu

Founded @blissity Worked at @LSRS, @voxster • Studying at @university-of-bristol

ID 106984

Philip Manavopoulos

Founder • Worked at @nudge-digital, @loccit • Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 181853

Jonathan May

I make stuff happen • CEO of @hubbub-2 Worked at @xmos, @broadcom • Studied at @university-of-cambridge Team GB Foosballer

ID 455344

Claudiu-Octavian Soare

Co-Founder@Blissity, Front-End@favourful, previous Co-Founder, Computer Vision research intern @bristol, Intern@Groupe Societe Generale.

ID 109541

Kat Zien

Full-stack developer at Brightpearl. Speaks PHP, Java, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS. Fan of unit testing & agile. Dealt with APIs, performance optimisation & legacy code.

ID 293091

Matt Bessey

Freelance full stack web developer, with CS background. Ruby / Rails specialist. Love coding, and talking.

ID 418969

Samuel Okoro

founder @sadcheese, 3 online companies out of high school. Strong UI Design & Front-end Engineering background, founder & host

ID 29854

Jim Morrison

Founder of @twidaq & Achieve Awesome, owner of @deep-blue-sky Digital.

ID 118236

Richard Cambridge Harbutt

End to end developer (14yr) Prod $1m feature film, Active BAFTA member. Previously CTO UK leading museum video company (10yr) & Consultant leading UK University

ID 458178

Quentin Lechemia

CEO & founder of MyBandMarket & Div'Up // Digital-Music Columnist for LaTribune, PresseCitron // Destronics member // Serial Entrepreneur // Passionate Coder

ID 882791

Kevin Allen

My joy is creating technology. I lead software development teams in engineering from concepts to products. My approach is to be agnostic to technology.

ID 482797

Mike James

Creating Web Apps for fun and for a living! Developer at TrueClarity.

ID 204791

Tom Hallam

Front and backend developer, api crafter, keen eye for usability and understanding how people use things.

ID 420019

Simon Hayden


ID 75741

Joss Webber

I'm an undergraduate studying Digital Art & Technology. Looking for industrial placement to use my expertise in digital media, computer science and technology.

ID 316328

Tom Adam

Director of Instantiate, an exceptional web development company focusing on cutting edge technology. Involved with a number of startups, notably @fine-puzzles.

ID 321293

Mike Elsmore

Full stack engineer, love working with data and new ideas. Ran a software conference and hackathon.

ID 387862

Fab Ien Millerand

French developer, entrepreneur. I have been freelancing for 4 years and developed my own PHP framework. I have my own start up ( since 2012

ID 849534

Colin Montgomerie

1st Class degree with Honours in Electronic Engineering from The University of Southampton. RTL Engineer at Broadcom. Founder of Playlistful.

ID 480964

Giles Lavelle

Studied at @university-of-bristol

ID 558101

Oliver Gillespie

All-round tech nerd with strong mathematics background and programming chops

ID 168886

Matt Kane

Mobile and web app developer with over 13 years experience. Founded first startup at age 20 and closed first seed round at 21.

ID 556822

Jonathan Devine

Software Developer (Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js)

ID 412238

Dave Barker

Generalist developer (JS / Ruby / Python / Clojure / PHP)

ID 374850

Matt Schmitz

"Jack of All Trades" Software Engineer rapid prototyping solutions for ESPN; Develop in a wide variety of languages/frameworks as an Innovative Problem Solver.

ID 246790

Ben Cartwright Cox

Known online as Benjojo Fixing things one op-code at a time.

ID 367264

Tom Dallimore

Enthusiastic Front-end and RoR web developer. Specialising in User Experience/Interface design. Passion for coding and startups.

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