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ID 7974

Steve Schofield

3rd Startup lucky. Business education. Strong global sales, consultancy and project management experience. Frustrated designer and improving coder. Outdoor Nut.

ID 641495

Danny Vaughton

Co-founder of Washbox; Programming since age 9; startups since age 16; Business graduate (BA HONS) 2012; Worked at Aptenex & Cellar Trends.

ID 521681

Mark Oakley

Former GM, Product Manager and Marketing Manager at Zipcar from startup to IPO.  Marketing/Operations expertise with lifestyle, web/mobile high growth busineses

ID 572944

Liam Turner

1st Grade Film Technology Student, specialise in lighting and camera operating. Talented editor, great photographer and professional standard in Photoshop.

ID 601717

Duncan Arthur

ID 199391

Matt Connolly

2004 founded Enable, grew to become UK's #1 Digital Agency. 2012 founded myLovelyParent, social startup encouraging older people online dating.

ID 369671

David Smee

Marketing Director at ReTrack. Strong technology product and marketing management background. Formed own company KICK:SUM to make start-ups succeed.

ID 727452

Troy Abraham

ID 754895

Stuart Thompson

I am a seasoned business manager delivering market leading integrated communication solutions to the private, public and third sectors for more than 16 years.

ID 672595

Thomas Wainwight

International Business graduate from Loughborough. Looking for a marketing / product management opportunity.

ID 2231

Mark Panay

Founded two successful service businesses. Strong product development and digital marketing.

ID 458174

Romy Roynard

Div'Up Co-Founder and Marketing Director // Media Analyst specialised in transmedia communication and new technologies.

ID 648661

Jeremy Wastall

Natural business developer, relationship builder and strategic thinker with a hunger to learn and deliver. Passionate about start ups and making a difference.

ID 86008

Sebastien Powell

I specialise in web and user interface design, user experience and branding. I'm currently working as the lead designer for Adbrain.

ID 550048

Daniel Morgan

Digital marketing expert currently residing in Shanghai. Looking for programmers to collaborate with on a new web application within the online training space.

ID 729397

Thomas Carr

Law Degree (LLB) but switch to business development. Worked in social enterprise as a consultant for start-ups in Kenya to aid them in securing investment.

ID 484735

Stephen Honight

INSEAD. Ex-Investment Banking professional. Outdoor Leisure sector growth expert and one time angel investor.

ID 29854

Jim Morrison

Founder of @twidaq & Achieve Awesome, owner of @deep-blue-sky Digital.

ID 817515

Joey P

Official MBA student, Aspiring Entrepreneur

ID 420019

Simon Hayden


ID 453030

Ross Curzon-Butler

Worked with worked class clients such as MasterCard, Toshiba, Microsoft, Nikon, TomTom to deliver online campaigns for brand.

ID 662219

Nick Peacock

Community and business development manager, passion for monetisation & user acquisition strategy, young and driven

ID 834844

Abi Bansal

Creative Marketing Professional with a flair for unique, result driven content, great people skills and a passion to make things happen.

ID 189926

Edward Relf


Award Winning Digital Entrepreneur, Executive, Digital Marketer & Active Investor. Find out more at

ID 101960

Dave Edwards

CEO/CTO at @somnium-technologies

ID 652918

Eliott Stephen

Founder at Campaignr, Liberal Democrat Activist, Developer, Computer Science student at @OpenUniversity, Community Vanguard at @PlanetaryResources.

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