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ID 145589

Carlton Jefferis

ID 168886

Matt Kane

Mobile and web app developer with over 13 years experience. Founded first startup at age 20 and closed first seed round at 21.

ID 223483

Mark Davies

An established digital and marketing professional with experience in developing and executing successful marketing, e-commerce and business projects and strategies (Start Up, SME and Large Corporate)

ID 2231

Mark Panay

Founded two successful service businesses. Strong product development and digital marketing.

ID 124181


Good experience of sales and marking of IT Hardware and Software markets in the UK.

ID 181853

Jonathan May

I make stuff happen • CEO of @hubbub-2 Worked at @xmos, @broadcom • Studied at @university-of-cambridge Team GB Foosballer

ID 391394

Adam Place

Founder nu desine Tenacity • Integrity • Vision

ID 88967

Maxwell Painter

Founder and CEO of, Former Digital Insight Manager at Lloyds Bank, 2nd Enterprise Startup, MSc Public Relations, coder - built ikle platform.

ID 77593

Alex Narracott

Background in travel business development, marketing and tour operating. Nottingham University 2:1. Skier, climber, wannabe explorer.

ID 229078

Hue Painter

Co-founder and COO of unrival. Strategic operations, Large scale website redevelopments. Previously managed communications at Lloyds Bank.

ID 80095

Tom Marvin

Operations and Content at and

ID 458178

Quentin Lechemia

CEO & founder of MyBandMarket & Div'Up // Digital-Music Columnist for LaTribune, PresseCitron // Destronics member // Serial Entrepreneur // Passionate Coder

ID 458174

Romy Roynard

Div'Up Co-Founder and Marketing Director // Media Analyst specialised in transmedia communication and new technologies.

ID 261340

Paul Woodman

Founder of @lovecars. Experienced Director within the technology sector

ID 442818

Carl Thomas

Founding director @audiowings - All of your favourite music. Anywhere you are. All on your smart headphones. 7+ years commercial experience in the telecommunications sector.

ID 199391

Matt Connolly

2004 founded Enable, grew to become UK's #1 Digital Agency. 2012 founded myLovelyParent, social startup encouraging older people online dating.

ID 29854

Jim Morrison

Founder of @twidaq & Achieve Awesome, owner of @deep-blue-sky Digital.

ID 7974

Steve Schofield

3rd Startup lucky. Business education. Strong global sales, consultancy and project management experience. Frustrated designer and improving coder. Outdoor Nut.

ID 108122

Sam Downie

CEO at Dsoundz Media. Broadcaster, Actor, Co-Host (TV/Radio Anchor), Musician, Journalist. Has #epilepsy / Worked at Apple, BBC, ITV Studios, CBS, Wikipedia etc

ID 244941

Kiran Panesar

Co-founder, CTO at @mobilex-labs – The best platform for building native mobile apps without any coding. Studied Computer Science at @cardiff-university.

ID 189926

Edward Relf


Award Winning Digital Entrepreneur, Executive, Digital Marketer & Active Investor. Find out more at

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