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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Bristol.

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ID 521681

Mark Oakley

Former GM, Product Manager and Marketing Manager at Zipcar from startup to IPO.  Marketing/Operations expertise with lifestyle, web/mobile high growth busineses

ID 601717

Duncan Arthur

ID 743535

Mark Rich, AMBCS, MA, BA (Hons)

Two arms, two legs and a head on top; 900 years old, Europhile, Photographer, 6Music lover, Vegetarian, Orthodox, Silly and Immortal (one of these is a lie) :-)

ID 662219

Nick Peacock

Community and business development manager, passion for monetisation & user acquisition strategy, young and driven

ID 453030

Ross Curzon-Butler

Worked with worked class clients such as MasterCard, Toshiba, Microsoft, Nikon, TomTom to deliver online campaigns for brand.

ID 229078

Hue Painter

Co-founder and COO of unrival. Strategic operations, Large scale website redevelopments. Previously managed communications at Lloyds Bank.

ID 648661

Jeremy Wastall

Natural business developer, relationship builder and strategic thinker with a hunger to learn and deliver. Passionate about start ups and making a difference.

ID 882791

Kevin Allen

My joy is creating technology. I lead software development teams in engineering from concepts to products. My approach is to be agnostic to technology.

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